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Your Stor-E Books!
We'll publish Your StorEBook in pdf & video for your school/library site
here at Laurie's Stories in the Leaping Literacy Online Library.
We offer this service with school & library PlayShops in conjunction with performances.

Coming for Spring 2018:
Online Creativity & Publication Class:
Create & Publish Your StorEBook!


"Diverse, age appropriate programs, infectious-has kids rhyming, using alliteration, great expression,word play, out the door and weeks beyond the performance! And the Student eBook Publishing Program! Such a dynamic way to involve older kids and use as a springboard for more writing and reading projects!"
~ Julie Kurtz, School Library Media Specialist, Canaseraga Central School, NY
Canaseraga School Reads!

Librarian Julie Kurtz at Canaseraga Central School did a perfect job of following
our guidelines so that we were easily able to do grade level performance assemblies
& their eBook creation in 1 school day!

We Love Reading!
We Love Reading! We Love Reading!

I'm Thankful For
Every Little ThingAround The Campfire
Life CycleLivingEvery Little thing

An Original Summer Reading Program Book
written, illustrated & narrated by Carson City Library Youth:

Power PDF
Library Party

"What a fun program you brought to our library! I greatly enjoyed the e-books you sang & shared with our little guys, I bet those kids had your songs playing through their heads all week long. The illustrations you made to go with your snappy songs made them memorable indeed! As for the e-book creation, that was so cool! That computer program is a very handy one, and once we got our brain juices flowing, the kids came up with the neatest pictures
to go with their story. ... What a unique learning experience for all- both the writers
and the group creating the illustrations to go with their story.
Thanks so much for coming to share your talents with us!"

Amber Sady, Youth Services, Carson City Library, Carson City, NV

School/Library StorEBook Publishing Program:
Color Cloud Bullet PointWe offer playshops and ebook creation/publishing integration with our performances.
Color Cloud Bullet PointMost often, you will prepare student work ahead of time and we will bring the technology!
Color Cloud Bullet PointWe have guidelines for you to follow & we plan ahead carefully to insure optimum success!
Color Cloud Bullet PointFor more in-depth writing & illustrating and individual student pages/books, several days or a week of playshops is needed. However, we can publish a school book with a day of BookTelling performances & read it on the big screen at Family Literacy Night!
We can also make a family book(s) as a special Family Literacy Night!
Color Cloud Bullet PointWe can construct a simple eBook in a few hours using templates, creativity & technology!

We will send you info in our General Guidelines PDF or Word Doc downloads
when working together to create & publish Your StorEBook!

Laurie's Stories: Bringing you more ways to read and play with the FUNdamentals of literacy!

Because children deserve play time and literacy lasts a lifetime.

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