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Laurie Story Vela

Laurie Story Vela
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Here's a bit about Laurie Story Vela & Laurie's Stories!

Laurie Story Vela, M.A. is an Author/Illustrator and BookTelling Performer with Laurie's Stories. Her interactive shows celebrate reading, English language, and creativity for families and youth Pre-K through 8th grades. Laurie's work began at UCDavis with an undergaraduate Communications study & a graduate program in Education; her M.A. is in Education and curriculum design. Laurie's Stories were initially founded on a blend of phonics, whole langiage & 2nd language acquisition. Laurie Story is hailed as the Mother Goose Rapper; you can catch Laurie's BookTelling in live performances & online in LaurieStorETV. You can meet & learn with Laurie's characters & books with free Marvelous Membership in The Leaping Literacy Online Library featuring hundreds of interactive language games on Phonics Pages with the Laurie Story characters. You'll find 175 Laurie StorEBooksTM with sample pages of each onsite & available in delightful digital downloads in multiple formats through Leaping Literacy Online Library paid memberships.

Some Laurie StorEBooks have gone to Kindle & iPad
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Laurie Story is a singer and prolific songwriter. She has penned and produced hundreds of children's, folk and New Thought songs. She has created and developed ChildSing Song Circles for preschoolers and their caregivers.There are 3 ChildSing CDs and an experiential cyberspace ChildSing section of the Leaping Literacy Library. Laurie Story's current folk & New Thought songs are found on 6 CDs. Laurie Story has sung, performed & recorded with her son Jeremiah since he was 4, now age 15, with a changing voice! Much of Laurie Story's work with Jeremiah is found in the New Thought Families of Leaping Literacy. With hundreds of videos, songs and emerging Laurie StorEBooks, this branch explores spiritual literacy and virtues like kindness and compassion. We have also have a branch for creative families to share and publish their own eBooks & works of art! So many ways to read and play!

More About Laurie's Stories & Leaping Literacy

Leaping Literacy
is a compilation site from the work of
Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/ Educator and "Mother Goose Rapper"
Laurie Story Vela, MA, ED.

Laurie Story & son Jeremiah
Laurie Story is an independant artist and single mom looking to give the gift of Laurie's Stories through cyber space and in live, interactive performances. She toured schools and libraries in America for well over a decade, took some time closer to home with ChildSing Song Circles and is now re-shaping her offerings with an expansion of the Leaping Literacy Online Library with her non-profit serving traditional, creative, & spiritual family literacy, Creative Spirit Families.

Laurie's Stories
Based on the FUNdamentals of literacy, Laurie's original stories, rhymes, songs and characters forge the way with an unusual voice for edutainment. For the background story and more details, read The Laurie Story.

Laurie's Stories' Mission Statement

Laurie's Stories puts the FUN in the fundamentals of Literacy and English Language Development through interactive, imaginative materials that feature original, child-centered stories, rhymes, songs and characters.
We make Laurie's Stories readily available through live, interactive performances & low cost, easily accessible internet applications that also enhance & develop computer literacy skills. We create Laurie's Stories & these multi-media materials because children deserve playtime & literacy lasts a lifetime.

More About Laurie's Stories

The word play of Laurie's Stories is rooted in literature providing a fun reading experience rich in text and picture. The pictures and the voice of the stories are from a kid's point of view. The rhyme and alliteration of Laurie's Stories are what kids refer to as "tongue twisters" or "Mother Goose Rap". Laurie's Stories are designed to build reading and spelling fluency, providing bridges between emergent reader and chapter books. Our LaurieStorEBooksTM are power pdfs that are fully illustrated & have the LaurieStory narrated audio book embedded. In keeping with our blend of whole language & phonics, Laurie Story Rhyme Books list the word family rhymes utilized in the back of each book.

More About Leaping Literacy
The Leaping Literacy web site offers a vehicle for the Laurie Story materials that fosters computer literacy. The hundreds of character visits are interactive cyber worksheets. The Laurie StorEBooksTM in power portable PDFs with Audio book embedded, offer ample opportunities to download, click through, save, and access again & again. We also now offer our free members LaurieStorETV videos in power portable PDFs with video show embedded. LaurieStorETV is also still found on YouTube.

How Does Laurie's Stories Foster Reading & Spelling Fluency?
* Fluency is based on FUNdamentals, familiarity of concepts & characters.
* Fluency is built on sound-sight repetition and recognition.
* Word patterns are repeated in fun and challenging contexts.
* Many Laurie StorEBooks have a repeated 'chorus' or refrain that is spoken or sung.
* There are often kinesthetic connections with Laurie Story Physical PhonicsTM.
* Fluency is fostered in the same way as Mother Goose Rhymes do it- the rhymes are fun to say and easy to remember. And they are fun to play with!

Read and play with Laurie's Stories!

Leaping Literacy! Because the best learning is FUNdamental.
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