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GoodBook Combination Vowels
Answer Key for Combo Vowels:
 Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Lolly Hoof: Spelling
    z d f k p t
GoodBook LaurieStorEBookHomophonesDelores Wood:  wood would tee tea 

GetDown LaurieStorEBookDefinitions Dixie Jake: downhearted downward downpour downwind

GetDown LaurieStorEBookCompoundsLuLu Compounds: downrain downroad

ShoutItOut LaurieStorEBookSilent Letters Silas Silent Letters: b
BookBrook LaurieStorEBookPunctuation  Penny Punctuation   . ??

AppleCoreBookstore LaurieStorEBookCompoundsLuLu Compounds: bookworm bookstore

GoodBook LaurieStorEBookTensesTennessee Tenses: read took would

Read Laurie StorEBooksTM Celebrating Combo Vowels!
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CelebrateComboVowels LaurieStorEBook

 BookBrook LaurieStorEBook
MomIsWow LaurieStorEBook
ShoutItOut LaurieStorEBook
GetDown LaurieStorEBook

GoodBook LaurieStorEBook

AppleCoreBookstore LaurieStorEBook