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Kites In Flight
AnswerAnswer Key for Long E:

Note: Answers must be given in the right order
or the "not right" response will come up!

Tree In The Sea  LaurieStorEBook

Lolly glee: Spelling b l t v h p g
Punctuation Penny Punctuation Practice: " ' ! "

Silas Tennessee tenses: was is

Contractions Chloe Chicken's Contractions: a
Silas Silas Silent Letters: k

Homophones Delores Homophones: tee sea see tea
Compounds LuLu Compounds: teepee

Homophones Gloria Grammar Goat: is

Chimpanzees In Our Trees  LaurieStorEBook
PluralsPeter Plurals Pig: monkies monkeyes
PunctuationPenny Punctuation Practice: , tt ,

Sleep Sheep LaurieStorEBook

Lolly sheep: Spelling p r n p t

Serena Suffixes Sow: Suffixes sheepish sheepishly sheepishness

I Scream  LaurieStorEBook..... Silent Letters Silas Silent Letters: w
The Keys Of Louise  LaurieStorEBook.....Contractions Chloe Capitals:
b c d

The Queen's Green Dreams  LaurieStorEBook Word Play with Dream!

Silent Letters Silas Silent Letters: a
Serena Suffixes Sow: Suffixes
dreamy dreamily dreaming dreamier dreamiest

Homophones Delores Homophones: seen sea see scene
Compounds LuLu Compounds: dreamscene
TensesTennessee Tenses: dreamed dreamt

Read Laurie StorEBooksTM Celebrating Long E Vowels!
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The Queen's Green Dreams  LaurieStorEBook  Can You Eat With Your Feet?  LaurieStorEBook  Chimpanzees In Our Trees  LaurieStorEBook 

 Celebrate Long E  LaurieStorEBook

Tree In The Sea  LaurieStorEBook 
These Trees  LaurieStorEBook
Peaches On Beaches  LaurieStorEBook
I Scream  LaurieStorEBook

The Keys Of Louise  LaurieStorEBook

Sleep Sheep LaurieStorEBook