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Sample Performance Press Release Here

LaurieStory & Book page on ScreenLaurie Story Vela

We include bookmarks for all audience members!

Laurie Story with screen

Laurie Story Vela

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LS Bookmark1


11x17 Promotional Poster with Bookings:
LaurieStory Poster

Sample (modify to suit!)

The “Mother Goose Rapper”, Laurie Story brings her BookTelling show to _________________ Library to celebrate literacy and add to the fun of the (Summer Reading) Youth Program.
Laurie Story shows are for families, preschoolers and school age kids; the Laurie Story
characters and books will have you reading, singing and rhyming along.

Laurie Story Vela, aka, the “Mother Goose Rapper” is an Author/Illustrator and BookTelling performer with her all original Laurie’s Stories. (Hailing from California,) Laurie Story will be
here on ___________________with her special BookTelling show; at _______ a.m./p.m.
(The show is sponsored by the Friends of The Library.)

Laurie's Stories has dozens of themes to choose from including a 2016 summer feature for libraries,
Reading To Win: Sports Shorts (Alternative, Alliterative Athletics!)
We will be rhyming, singing, reading, & playing imagination sports!

Laurie Story has hundreds of books, songs, videos in dozens of phonetic & thematic sections. You can read and play along with Laurie Story on the web site:  The site has sample pages from 175 Laurie StorEBooks & hundreds of Fun Phonics Play Pages with interactive language games to play with the Laurie Story characters. The site also features the Leaping Literacy Online Library with free membership for delightful, digital downloads including Laurie StorEBooksTM. Laurie Story says that Laurie's Stories & the Leaping Literacy Online Library put the FUN in reading FUNdamentals because children deserve play time & literacy lasts a lifetime.

Leaping Literacy Library continues to expand as part of Laurie's non-profit organization,
Creative Spirit Families
serving creative, spiritual & traditional family literacy.
The consolodation and expansion of the Online Membership Library offers hundreds of songs, hundreds of videos, and hundreds of eBooks along with a creative family literacy forum!

Laurie Story Vela, M.A. has been touring the nation's schools and libraries since the early 90’s  with Laurie's Stories. With a strong foundation in the FUNdamentals of literacy, the all original stories, rhymes, songs and characters forge the way with an unusual voice for edutainment. The strong literacy foundation of Laurie's Stories grew out of Laurie’s Master's Thesis from UC Davis in 1992. Her focus was on blending phonics and whole language and she's been letting her audience's refine the fun ever since. Her interactive shows combine Laurie Story Books & Songs, Word Wonders and Phonics Farm characters in a celebration of language, literacy and imagination.

The "Mother Goose Rapper", Laurie Story invites you to join in on
 the BookTelling rhyme, alliteration, and song. So, come on and read along!